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Debbie’s Reconnective Healing sessions are gentle, calming and extremely relaxing. But more than that, I experienced this form of energy healing to have a profound, transformative effect. The first time I came to Debbie for Reconnective Healing, I was feeling a bit unbalanced and overwhelmed in my daily life. Almost immediately after the first session, I began to regain my balance and become clearer about the deeper issues I needed to address to move forward. By the final session, I was in a new, better space of peace and balance. I have no doubt that this process, along with Debbie’s unique healing gifts and her authentic desire to help others, truly helped me heal on many levels.

-Ellen Valladares


"To me, working with Debbie has been a big blessing.  She is an amazing soul, very professional, yet very caring and a wonderful BodyTalk practitioner.  She has helped me in very high levels to connect and heal.  Working with her is something I would recommend if you want peace, balance and well being.  I am honored to know and work with her."

-Rosario Cobar


"We would like to acknowledge the many talents of Debbie Cooper.  The first that comes to mind is her commitment to wanting to make a difference in other people’s lives.  She has spent many hours learning methods of healing and stress release strategies to help her achieve that goal.

We were her Reiki Masters’ and guided her to becoming a Reiki Practitioner.  This energy work is a hands-on healing method that helps balance the mind, spirit and body.  This and other energy work has contributed to Debbie being one of the most gentle, compassionate and supportive people we know.  She strongly believes in her work as a “BodyTalk” practitioner and it comes through her intuitive insight as she shares what she believes would benefit our well-being and health.  I (Leslee) have experienced this process and reaped the benefits.  I (Marsha) have had several BodyTalk treatments and her patience, hands-on, gentle touch has definitely created a space where I can heal myself with her guidance.  She is someone I trust.

We would recommend Debbie to anyone.  We all need helping hands and gentle guidance to live healthy lives and feel good.  Debbie has a great deal to offer in this process.  She is a true professional."

-Leslee Landau & Marsha Brody