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In today’s society, stress is common place.  But what is it and how does it affect our health?  When a dog darts out in front of your car, your heart begins to pound, you breathe faster and your hands may begin to shake.  It’s a wonderful mechanism of protection for real and present danger and mobilizes your body to take action.  Stress hormones have been released into the bloodstream. You’ve activated the “Fight or Flight Response”.   While it is a wonderful mechanism for handling acute stressors, it wasn’t designed to be continuously activated.

In our fast paced society there are concerns about job, family, money, health, as well as global and economic worries.  These mental and emotional stressors start the same cascade of chemicals into the bloodstream of the body, redistributing blood flow and energy, as well as directly decreasing the immune system.   Because the Central Nervous System takes its focus off some of the other processes in the body and focuses on the “perceived threat” created by our mental worry health can decline.

Debbie takes an integrated approach to healing, drawing on the modalities most suited for your individualized healing needs.

These modalities are Reconnective Healing ®, BodyTalk System™, Theta Healing™ and Reiki.  To learn more about these therapies go to the Therapies section.

Quote:  Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain--Anonymous